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This is a wonderful displaying male of  Parosphromenus alfredi

barely four centimeters, superbly photographed by our member

Haji Badaruddin from Kuching (Sarawak, North Borneo )


Parosphromenus alfredi Copyright Haji Badaruddin



On these pages you will meet friends of the highly endangered Licorice Guramies, small

labyrinth fishes of the genus Parosphromenus from the peat swamps in South East Asia.

Here you will find all important informations about these jewels from the rapidly disappearing

primary forests in Malaysia and Indonesia. At the same time you will learn all about

the Parosphromenus-Project, which you can recognize by this logo:


Become a member and take part in this, one of the first international

projects which is not just about keeping fish for pleasure,

but also about how to preserve them for the future.







Here we will feature links to articles and publications about Parosphromenus species. It will be in the language in which it has been published. Please click on the image of the article you would like to read.



 The book has been published!

 Four years of work have been worth while: The first comprehensive book on Parosphromenus has freshly come out of print at September 15th

The authors: Peter Finke and Martin Hallmann.

Hundreds of photos, 200 pages.Text in German.

The price is 29,80 Euros.

You  can see sample pages and order it from Germany at


If you want to order it from outside Germany, write to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for shipping costs.