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This is for all post­ings which are of inter­est glob­ally (i.e. not for Euro­pean or Asian or Amer­i­can users exclu­sively): iden­ti­fi­ca­tion prob­lems, ques­tions or infor­ma­tion on spe­cial species, breed­ing and care, tech­niques, inter­con­ti­nen­tal trade and envi­ron­men­tal prob­lems, for exam­ple. There­fore this is the main and most impor­tant cat­e­gory; it is meant to orga­nize the global net­work­ing of our Parosphromenus-​Project. So, think of whom you want to address!

Species 143 The­men

„Which species is it?“ is a fre­quent prob­lem. But all post­ings that relate to a spe­cial species or unde­scribed form are wel­comed here. Describe a prob­lem, ask, give help, hints, infor­ma­tion, advice.

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Aw: new mem­ber, brought 4 licorice …
von Kevin Mar­shall
4 Monate 6 Tage her

Genet­ics 4 The­men

Most licorice gouramis are a highly homo­ge­neous group of fish, species and vari­eties are often phe­no­log­i­cally hard to be dis­tin­guished. There­fore, we shall dis­cuss the results of genet­i­cal inves­ti­ga­tions here

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Aw: Genetic diver­sety
von 7 Zwerge
6 Jahre 4 Monate her

Breed­ing 57 The­men

To report or ask ques­tions regard­ing suc­cess or prob­lems with breed­ing, either gen­er­ally or regard­ing cer­tain species

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Aw: Odd behav­ior?
von pktybs
3 Jahre 2 Wochen her

Behav­iour 22 The­men

There is nor­mal behav­iour and irreg­u­lar behav­iour. Both is inter­est­ing and should be reported. We can dis­cuss our obser­va­tions here.

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Aw: Aggres­sive against female
von helene
2 Jahre 6 Monate her

Meth­ods 119 The­men

How to … Dif­fer­ent peo­ple develop dif­fer­ent aquar­is­tic methods

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Aw: What fish can go with paros? …
von 7 Zwerge
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Pic­tures 37 The­men

Let us par­tic­i­pate visu­ally in your fish or aquar­ium settings …

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Aw: Help to strengthen our photo g …
von parosphr
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Scene 15 The­men

How are you con­nected? For inter­na­tional and even inter­con­ti­nen­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and espe­cially impor­tant for the „Parosphromenus diaspora“!

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Aw: Aqua-​Fisch Friedrichshafen
von Arno
3 Jahre 2 Monate her

Pol­i­tics 10 The­men

News on frame-​setting con­di­tions in Europe and Amer­ica and ideas for influ­enc­ing the envi­ron­men­tal sit­u­a­tion in south-​east Asia

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Aw: Palm Oil
von Peter Finke
4 Jahre 1 Tag her

His­tory 2 The­men

We breed licorice gouramis in aquaria for some decades only. There have been a few attempts in for­mer times but we have very lit­tle infor­ma­tion on that. All his­tor­i­cal data (on the fish, peo­ple involved, imports, meth­ods etc.) maybe inter­est­ing. Put it here!

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Aw: The cen­sus 20102015
von Jootje67
5 Jahre 7 Monate her

Unde­ter­mined 63 The­men

Every­thing else. Maybe we need a new, addi­tional category?

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Aw: Unknown ill­ness — loos­ing fish
von parosphr
1 Jahr 5 Monate her

„Which species?“ is a fre­quent prob­lem. Describe your prob­lem, ask, give help, hints, advice.

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