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Parosphromenus-​Newsletter No. 112 Biele­feld (Ger­many), Novem­ber 21st, 2013

Dear friends, this newslet­ter will again be issued in one lan­guage only, in Eng­lish. There is too much work to be done, so it will be short.

  1. The new cen­sus has been fin­ished and eval­u­ated (Fall 2013)

The sec­ond cen­sus this year 2013 has just been closed down. Again, we had a major per­sonal change in read­ing the mails, com­bin­ing them to a read­able syn­op­sis and eval­u­at­ing the results. Chris­t­ian Hinz had to quit his work for the project in order to pre­pare for his own future since he intends to go to Britain for study­ing. So we say thank you very much, Chris­t­ian, for your help; we will miss you. But as you told us: In some time you will start again where you left and be with us again. But till that day we have to orga­nize things anew.

There­fore we are deeply grate­ful to Ben­jamin Wilden from Det­mold in West­phalia (Ger­many), now study­ing in Pader­born (Ger­many), that he entered the role of Christian’s and agreed to resume that work. Ben­jamin is well known to Ger­man Paro-​friends since his early days as a pupil, and since then he was a con­stant sup­porter of our aims and always ready to help when help was needed. So he did not argue for long and told us that he will con­tinue the task of col­lect­ing all the sin­gle mails, estab­lish­ing that read­able syn­op­sis and try to eval­u­ate the results. And this he did in quite short a time. There­fore, thanks to Ben­jamin, today we are able to send you all the result of the fall cen­sus 2013 already.

I shall not com­ment it here; read your­self, it is self-​explanatory. The only thing I should like to add is two major stocks that are not included in the overview: First, there is the sta­ble big stock of Bern­hard Lukiewski from Berlin of P. quin­decim, with at least 80 ani­mals of all ages. Sec­ond, there is a good stock of P. nagyi Pekan Nenasi (derived from the stock of B. Bus­sler) of about 30 ani­mals of all ages, a sim­i­lar good stock of P. linkei (equally refer­ring to Bussler’s parental stock) of about40 ani­mals of all ages, a stock of about 8 pairs of P. fil­a­men­to­sus und 2 pairs of P. ornat­i­cauda, equally going back to Bussler’s ani­mals). These all are to be found with Ste­fan Men­zel at Schierke in the Harz moun­tains (Ger­many) where the best Paro-​water comes from nat­ural peat bogs.

Per­haps there will be fur­ther stocks that have not been mailed to us in time. If you tell us, we can sup­ply the most impor­tant of them in fur­ther newsletters.

So, please read your­self that the project is quite suc­cess­ful in pre­serv­ing our species and keep­ing us up-​to-​date about the fluc­tu­a­tions of the stocks. Although one has to admit that pri­vate imports and the aquar­ium trade assists with some supplements.

  1. Wel­come newslet­ter to new mem­bers of the Parosphromenus-​project

Because of much other work we are unable to list here all new mem­bers of the project who joined us in the last months. Each per­son is wel­come here, and to express this Helene Schoubye has designed a spe­cial welcome-​newsletter to all who are new in 2013. Mean­while, it surely has reached your mail­box if you belong to that group. And then you will know that we need some addi­tional infor­ma­tions from many of you: the real name, the con­ti­nent, the coun­try and the town where you live. The Parosphromenus-​project is some­thing dif­fer­ent than a nor­mal aquar­is­tic communication-​project since there are a few friends of these fish only com­pared with thou­sands of other aquar­ists. There­fore, we try to estab­lish com­mu­ni­ca­tion and fish-​exchange, and for this we need those informations.

  1. The first com­pre­hen­sive book on Paros world­wide is praised very much

Please allow to repeat a major event: The only „book“ on exclu­sively devoted to Parosphromenus has mean­while been pub­lished by Ger­man experts Peter Finke and Mar­tin Hall­mann at Aqualog-​publishers, Rodgau (Ger­many) in Ger­many lan­guage. The title is


Juwe­len des Urwalds in der Natur und im Aquarium

Licorice Gouramies: Juwels of the rain­for­est in nature and in the aquarium

The book has 200 pages and 202 pho­tos. It is very uncer­tain whether there will ever be an English-​language edi­tion, for the real­iza­tion of such a book with a great many pho­tos on a small group of small rare fish is very expen­sive; the num­ber of copies is nec­es­sar­ily small, too. We there­fore rec­om­mend: Be quick and order one copy as soon as pos­si­ble, even if you can­not read Ger­man. The pic­tures alone make it worth­while. The price is 29,80 Euros. Look at www​.parobuch​.de for the details of pay­ment and ship­ping costs. But mean­while the book could be obtained world­wide via Ama­zon, too. Enter the word “Pracht­gu­ramis” at the books page.

Many grate­ful let­ters have reached us in the mean­time. In the next months the first reviews will appear in the jour­nals and mag­a­zines and we are very delighted by those we could see before­hand. The con­tent of it is the most impor­tant thing. But I may add an infor­ma­tion which is not unim­por­tant either: There is no adver­tis­ing in that book, the paper is good and the cov­ers are hardback.

  1. Some species in trade in Europe and America

In the last months sev­eral species of Parosphromenus were traded in Europe and North­ern Amer­ica (wild caught off­spring of this year’s spawn­ing sea­son). Surely they included tweed­iei, ornat­i­cauda, parvu­lus, nagyi, anjun­ga­nen­sis, and maybe opallios.

Write an e-​mail to This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are search­ing for a spe­cial species. I am not sure we can help you. But I am sure we try.

Best wishes until our next newsletter!

Your steer­ing group (in charge: Peter Finke, Bielefeld/​Germany).

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