Gallery of P. parvu­lus

P. parvu­lus, Part 1 of the report from the recent expe­di­tion by

Went­ian Shi (S.J.D [N. J. B.]) with Team Bor­neo into Kali­man­tan Tengah.

Parvu­lus dis­trib­utes widely in Ten­gah, can be found from west of Sg. Men­taya to the boarder of east Kali­man­tan (>300Km wide).

They can sur­vive in all kinds of habi­tats from small swamp (like coc­cina) to big river, from black water to clear water.

If habi­tat is in good con­di­tion, the pop­u­la­tion is extremely high, almost like ras­b­ora. Parvu­lus some­times share habi­tats with other big­ger parosphromenus species like fil­a­men­to­sus, some­times with all sizes of betta species like anaba­toides, foer­schi and hen­dra. There is one loca­tion, where parvu­lus, fil­a­men­to­sus, hen­dra and anaba­toides all live together, there even with the small­est fish: pae­do­cypris. This fas­ci­nat­ing tiny fish (adult in wild usu­ally just 1.52 cm) is cer­tainly a great suc­ces­sor in evo­lu­tion. But still, they can not be found any­more in areas where the oil–palm plan­ta­tion replaces the jun­gle. 🙁


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