Schindler & Linke 2012

First descrip­tion: Ingo Schindler/​Horst Linke,Two new species of the genus Parosphromenus (Teleostei: Osphrone­mi­dae) from Suma­tra. Ver­te­brate Zool­ogy 62(3), 2012, p. 399406

Char­ac­ter­is­tics: Licorice gourami of the bintan-​harveyi-​type. Total length max. 2.77 cm (wild caught spec­i­men), 4.5 cm (aquar­ium spec­i­men). Fin for­mula: dor­sal XI-​XIII, 58, total 1819, anal XI-​XII, 810, total 2022. Aquaria spec­i­men get among all licorice gouramies of the bin­tan type the most stout, ante­ri­orly by brown­ish patch and pos­te­ri­orly by black sub­dis­tal band, absence of blotch on pos­te­rior part of dor­sal fin and reddish-​brown bands on anal and dor­sal fins. (…)

Pelvic fin vivid-​bluish turquoise, fil­a­ment darker. Pec­toral fin hya­line“ (Schindler/​Linke). Females very sim­i­lar to other females of that type.

Sim­i­lar species: Other species of the bintan-​harveyi-​type could be mis­taken for P. gunawani if not fully grown. The only species that could be mis­taken for gunawani if fully grown could be bin­tan. But then­char­ac­ter­is­tics of gunawani are the stout body and the colour­ful par­al­lel bands in the unpaired fins of the male. These are unmistakable.

Ocurrence/​Distribution: The only known place Danau Rasau is sit­u­ated in the north-​east part of the province of Jambi on the Indone­sian island of Suma­tra. Habi­tat is “a peat swamp asso­ci­ated with a shal­low pond (water depth about 30 to 100 cm). (…) The water was dark brown. (…) Tem­per­a­ture of about 29 degrees Cel­sius, a pH value of 4.1, and an elec­tri­cal con­duc­tiv­ity of 30 Microsiemens/cm.(Schindler/Linke).

Threat: Extremely high since the species is known from that sin­gle ter­ri­tory only. So far, it has only been imported twice pri­vately by its dis­cov­erer. The first ani­mals could be prop­a­gated quite eas­ily, but are mean­while com­pletely lost. The ani­mals of the sec­ond import (2012) are females only.

Discovery/​first import:2008 Horst Linke dis­cov­ered sev­eral puta­tive new species of Parosphromenus from Suma­tra and near islands. Among them was this new species and P. phoeni­cu­rus. From 2008 to 2012 P. gunawani was called spec. Danau Rasau.- It is likely that this species has been imported to Ger­many once before pri­vately (ca. 1998) and was called spec. Jambi. There are no sur­viv­ing spec­i­men of that import or its offspring.

Trade: P. gunawani has never been imported commercially.

Care/​Breeding: The species does not devi­ate in its require­ments from other cogen­ers. The small­est tanks (10 liters) may be too small for per­ma­nent life. Eggs could be numer­ous (more than 60).

Behaviour/​Particularities: Head down courtship. Sim­i­lar behav­iour to other related species. Very attrac­tive species.




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