In 2018 the Parosphromenus Project was con­tacted by Aidil Mohd Shameen, who wished to con­tribute to our work by mon­i­tor­ing the par­tic­u­lar area of ‘Selan­gog For­est’ and keep us informed.

Aidil Mohd Shameen lives in this area, and is one of the local experts of the nat­ural habi­tats of not only parosphromenus species, but many other Malaysian native species.

We will upload infor­ma­tion here, as we get it, — and it serves as a quiet and citizen-​science approach, highly impor­tant way of keep­ing in touch with this par­tic­u­lar area.

Novem­ber 2018: Report­ing a total of 18 spec­i­ments catch over one day, most juve­niles. The con­di­tions of the peat swamp sta­ble, yet with oil­spills. No sign of defor­esta­tion or dis­tur­bance of the swamps

Decem­ber 2018: 4th decem­ber 2018, on another pop­u­la­tion sur­vey of the p.harveyi habi­tat. A total of 28 spec­i­ments was found. 9 con­firm males, 13 con­firm females and 6 juve­niles. Other fish include 37 spec­i­ments of betta livida and 6 choco­late gourami along with other barbs and ras­b­o­ras. There are sign of oil spill on the sur­face of the water from road construction..The for­est is still ok with no sign of deforestation.


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