Parosphromenus quin­decim avail­able is U.S.

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1 year 6 months ago #6049 by Lit­tle
NOTICE for U.S. mem­bers — Parosphromenus quin­decim was listed on the Wetspot Pur­chase List last evening. I have been fol­low­ing the weekly list now for sev­eral years and this is the first time I have seen this species listed for sale. It is a great oppor­tu­nity to obtain a pre­vi­ously unavail­able species

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9 months 5 days ago #6171 by pktybs
Hello, i saw them on the list and ordered 12 of them… Hav­ing had them now for almost 2 months, i don’t think that they are in fact quin­decim. I would love to know if any­body else ordered them and saw too that they aren’t quin­decim (or if what they received was in fact quin­decim).

What i think they are? sp. Blue Line, nagyi, or deiss­neri is what i’ve nar­rowed them down to. The males haven’t matured enoughi think to fully color up.

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9 months 5 days ago 9 months 5 days ago #6173 by parosphr
Hi Pktybs

It would indeed also have been very sur­pris­ing to see p. quin­decim for sale in a shop. Won­der how come they sud­denly come up with that name.
Its easy to rule out deiss­neri. That would be equally rare, — and it would have to show the spike tail, which is easy to see.

P. nagyi is pos­si­ble, — but again also quite rec­og­niz­able, but of course the males will need to be mature. How­ever if you have had them for 2 months, I would feel that you would have by now at least seen a glimpse of the brown­ish nagyi typ­i­cal coloura­tion.
sp. blue line, sp. bin­tan is prob­a­bly more likely. These are fish that we see rather often, there are many vari­a­tions, — so there­fore the chance that it may be a vari­a­tion is big­ger than it actu­ally being p.bintan. But they will belong to that type of fish.
I am sure, any­way, that Bill Lit­tle should be some­one who might indeed know if any­one else has bought and seen some of the ‘p. quin­decim’ at wet spot.

Many kind regards Helene, web­mas­ter at P-​P
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