New book on Paros to appear Octo­ber 1st!

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New book on Paros to appear Octo­ber 1st! was cre­ated by parosphr
Dur­ing the last years mono­graphs for many groups of aquar­ium fish have been pub­lished. But not for one group which con­tains only small, colour­ful, rare and threat­ened fish which are highly looked for by aquar­ists: the “Licorice Gouramies” of the genus Parosphromenus. Now Peter Finke and Mar­tin Hall­mann – two of the best experts on these fish – have filled that gap. Their com­pre­hen­sive book (in Ger­man lan­guage) “Pracht­gu­ramis” with the sub­ti­tle “Juwe­len des Urwalds in der Natur und im Aquar­ium” (Juwels of the Rain­for­est in Nature and in the Aquar­ium”) will be pub­lished on Octo­ber 1st at Aqualog-​Animalbook-​GmbH as pub­lisher. The price will be 29,80 Euros. Costs for ship­ment will be added.

The 200 pages are densely printed and filled with hun­dreds of pho­tos of the best pho­tog­ra­phers (includ­ing the authors, and Michael Lo, Olivier Per­rin, Gün­ter Kopic, Horst Linke, Nor­bert Neuge­bauer and oth­ers) with infor­ma­tions on all aspects: begin­ning with the descrip­tion of the “peat-​swamps” in south-​east Asia, their destruc­tion, the dis­tri­b­u­tion and habi­tats of those fish, the dif­fi­cul­ties of find­ing them, the his­tory of their detec­tion, the detailed descrip­tion of the dif­fer­ent species and vari­eties, mor­pho­log­i­cal and genet­i­cal prob­lems, their detailed needs in the aquar­ium, their behav­iour, their colour changes and com­mu­ni­ca­tion, their breed­ing and rais­ing, the role of the Parosphromenus-​project as an inter­na­tional net­work for their sus­tain­ment and dis­tri­b­u­tion and many addi­tional infor­ma­tions.

For these fish, Ger­many is the world cen­ter since the main research on their aquar­is­tic needs was car­ried out there some decades ago. But to get this book printed was very dif­fi­cult indeed since many pub­lish­ers feared that they could sell only 500 or 1000 copies. Nor­mally, books on pop­u­lar aquar­ium fish sell for tens of thou­sands. There­fore, at present it is not yet sure that there will ever be a trans­la­tion into another lan­guage. There are some hun­dreds of enthu­si­as­tic friends of licorice gouramies spread in the whole world, but a book pub­lisher is not impressed by that num­ber. The authors are con­vinced that by see­ing those won­der­ful illus­tra­tions and read­ing the densely packed infor­ma­tions the book would be bought by many more peo­ple who never cared for them before, but the print­ers in Britain and Amer­ica are reluc­tant to try. There­fore, we rec­om­mend to order a copy of the Ger­man book nev­er­the­less, since it could be sold out at the end of the year.

There is a link www​.parobuch​.de lead­ing to a blog where you can have a look into some chap­ters and order the book. The front cover could be seen on the start­ing page of this Parosphromenus-​project web­site. If you want to order the book from out­side Ger­many, ask at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the costs of ship­ment. They are different.

Many kind regards Helene, web­mas­ter at P-​P

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