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4 years 8 months ago #5481 by malik­moloch
What hap­pened? was cre­ated by malik­moloch
Hello every­one!

So, I’m pretty new to the parosphromenus hobby and I recently got started with two pairs of P. Alfredi. Unfor­tu­nately both of the females have no died and I am con­fused as to what hap­pened? My ammo­nia and nitrate lev­els are fine. The only thing that has been both­er­ing me is that I can’t seem to drop my pH below 6.0? it usu­ally hov­ers around 6.2 are there any tips to drive it down any lower? Also I’m feel­ing pretty bad right now because I was going to try to breed them and now that doesn’t look like it will be pos­si­ble given hat I only have the two males :( . I’m based out of Cal­i­for­nia but is there any­one in the US that breeds Alfredi specif­i­cally? Any­way look­ing for­ward to hear­ing from you all

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4 years 8 months ago #5483 by helene
Replied by helene on topic What hap­pened?
Hello malik­moloch
Wel­come to the forum. I just approved your mes­sage, from now on it will be vis­i­ble immidi­ately.

I am sorry to hear about your loss of females, — to me it does not seem that the rea­son should be the ph — even 6.2 would not have this effect.
Unless the ph is behav­ing very unsta­ble, or if you have just got the fish and they came from very dif­fer­ent water qual­ity, — or if the adjust­ing time has been too low ?

Oth­er­wise, it would be pos­si­ble also for paros to live in 6.2 ph.

There are many meth­ods of bring­ing down ph — I use oak extract, that is very easy, and it works well for me.

But there are many fac­tors involved also, — in bring­ing down ph, but also in keep­ing it down. Here its also a mat­ter of what other things you have in the tank, per­haps some­thing dri­ves the ph up again .. sub­strate, stones, what­ever …

Per­haps you could tell us more about the set up …

I actu­ally moved your post to Amer­i­can sec­tion, — per­haps some­one will respond with regards to the alfredi question.

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4 years 8 months ago #5484 by Deepin peat
Replied by Deepin peat on topic What hap­pened?
Hello every­one and wel­come malik­moloch,

Helene is very right here, more infor­ma­ma­tion on water qual­ity could help. My expe­ri­ence with peo­ple start­ing black­wa­ter acidic tanks is that many are scared of low TDS and so low pH. So they set up the para­me­ters to what they think are low but still rea­son­able lev­els. Sadly, such con­di­tions are the most unsta­ble one could imag­ine and you end up many pos­si­ble sud­den changes. You name it: Dif­fer­ent forms of nitro­gen going back and forth quickly, high bac­te­r­ial load, unsta­ble pH itself. So yes, in sta­ble tank paros could live in pH around 6, but if you are set­ting up a new tank and you are not expe­ri­enced bal­ck­wa­ter aquar­ist, aim for pH bel­low 6 and very low TDS (1530) with plenty of humic acids and leaf or alder cone extract that will stain it like a tea. Alder cones are great stuff to lower pH quickly and keep it sta­ble + they release great antibac­te­r­ial sub­stances and you will see how paros love such water. Make sure you have zero alka­lin­ity (“car­bon­ate hard­ness” as they wrongly call it) and start with very soft water. The thing is that the “rea­son­able com­pro­mise” here is the worst way to go imo. I hope that helps and cheer up for next and bet­ter try :)

In fact, every­thing we know is only some kind of approx­i­ma­tion, because we know that we do not know all the laws as yet. There­fore, things must be learned only to be unlearned again or, more likely, to be corrected.Richard P. Feyn­man

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4 years 7 months ago #5501 by Mau­rice
Replied by Mau­rice on topic What hap­pened?
I fully agree on that. Also alder trees are just about every­where at least over here.

Nec spe nec metu.

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