The Licorice Gourami in the Aquar­ium leads inevitably to Politics.

Keep­ing an aquar­ium is by and large an unpo­lit­i­cal hobby. Most aquar­ists do not look at their aquar­i­ums and think of pol­i­tics. Also many aquar­ists who keep and breed fish which are endan­gered in natureig nore the polit­cal con­texts of the hobby. The fact is how­ever that these con­texts do exist and will not be swept under the car­pet on this website

The endan­ger­ment of the Licorice Gouramis does not have nat­ural causes, but cul­tural, and is the intended destruc­tion of the South­east Asi­atic rain forests made by human beings . It is not the authen­tic cul­ture of those peo­ples, who are respon­si­ble for this, but the tri­umphant global advance of the ideas of progress, devel­op­ment and pros­per­ity, as they coined/​shaped the west­ern indus­trial nations of today. The attempt to fight poverty and dis­ad­van­tage by an eco­nomic devel­op­ment which brings about large scale destruc­tion of nature with itself, is today a world-​wide polit­i­cal strat­egy. Espe­cially in the rich areas of this Earth such as in Europe and Japan, can one see the con­se­quences of this. Here only lit­tle is to be saved.

Emerg­ing economies such as India or China prac­tice this economically-​induced large-​scale destruc­tion of nature and envi­ron­ment. Most of all it would be worth while to sup­port the poverty-​stricken third world coun­tries to take a new path. The gov­ern­ments of coun­tries like Malaysia or Indone­sia (the home­lands of the Licorice Gouramis) still see today their wide jun­gle regions as entic­ing poten­tials, to trans­form them into eco­nom­i­cally usable coun­try They sac­ri­fice their actual wealth, which is the immea­sur­able vari­ety of the bio-​diversity of their nat­ural areas — one can also say: the home­land of their indige­nous peo­ples, in the vague hope that this pays off for them.

Licorice Gourami enthu­si­asts will nec­es­sar­ily encounter this con­text. They can either will­ingly ignore or face it. The Parosphromenus Project calls for choos­ing the lat­ter. Our motto “inform and net­work” means in the first place to inform our­selves and also the peo­ple in these coun­tries about the con­text that enables this destruc­tion. Sec­ondly it means to estab­lish net­works between them and us, which con­tribute to pre­vent­ing fur­ther destruc­tion by rais­ing aware­ness and by show­ing sol­i­dar­ity. Of course this is not just about the Licorice Gouramis, it is about the preser­va­tion of the largest pos­si­ble rem­nants of the rain forests, the valu­able wet­lands, its unique rich bio­di­ver­sity and ( in gen­eral ) of an impor­tant nat­ural her­itage of mankind, but in par­tic­u­lar the home of the peo­ple liv­ing there.



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