Kota Tinggi

Parosphromenus spec. Kota Tinggi P. spec Kota Tinggi Copyright Martin Hallman

First descrip­tion: This licorice gourami traded by Pat Yap resem­bled P. alfredi and was bred and dis­trib­uted in Europe espe­cially by Allan Brown. It is one of the few new forms not nat­u­rally dis­trib­uted in Suma­tra but in West Malaysia near the home range of P.alfredi, and it may have been a colour vari­ant of this species. Presently, it is prob­a­bly no longer in stock.


Sim­i­lar species: l

Occur­rence /​Dis­tri­b­u­tion:


Discovery/​First import:


Care /​Breed­ing:

Behav­iour /​Par­tic­u­lar­i­ties:




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